5 Reasons You Should Take Flight with Twitter


This post originally appeared on the Social Media Association of Michigan blog, which Martin Waymire staffer Greg Rokisky serves as 2016 secretary and blog committee leader.

Back in late 2014, Twitter unveiled it’s agency training program, Twitter Flight School, which offered educational assistance to marketers on using the 140-character tool in campaigns, branding initiatives and the like for clients. They then revamped the program in July 2015, to keep up with the changing landscape of the platform. It was unfortunately still only available to agency employees.

Twitter changed that last week.

Now anyone can take flight through this pilot program, offered in 16 different languages as a standalone app.

We break down what you need to know about this training course to “prepare you for takeoff.”

But first, a video to set the mood: https://player.vimeo.com/video/131603349

Now you’re probably asking, “Why should I take this course?”

1.  Bite-sized time commitments

The lessons, while basic to begin with (if you already have a basic understanding of Twitter I would skip to the quiz portion of the first lesson, Twitter 101), can be done in 10 or 15 minute increments, and from a desktop computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet. Each path is estimated to take an hour, but could be done faster based on your existing knowledge.

Once you log into the training course, your progress is saved and picked up where you left off every time you return. They’re the perfect bite-sized lessons to zip through on your lunch break, waiting in line at the coffee shop or on the elliptical at the gym.

2.  Content Catered to your needs

Before you even dive into a course you can pick from the following “flight paths” that best suit your needs: Buying & Execution, Account Leadership, Executive Leadership and Planning & Strategy. Each path provides a brief description to give you an idea of what you will cover in that particular course.

Once all modules are completed you receive a certificate of completion, which appropriately enough can be folded into a paper airplane.

A badge of completion is also provided showcase on your website, blog, social media channels, etc. to humble brag about your successful completion. The only drawback: Twitter still hasn’t yet updated the badge to reflect 2016 completion. A small inconvenience which will probably be fixed updated, for a good return on investment.

3.  Gain access to case studies, downloadable resources and more

As you venture through lessons, you have the opportunity to see the successful marketing efforts of brands including Samsung, Budweiser, General Electric, Always and many more. These include actual tweets, videos from thought leaders within these corporations, and other helpful hints to inspire your ideas into action.

Upon the completion of each module, you also receive access to downloadable resources. One of these is a well-designed 18-page PDF infographic that breaks down Twitter demographics in different countries. These stats and pages would be great to incorporate in your own presentations. A snapshot of the Twitter user information includes: general demographics (gender, age, etc.), top interests, mobile usage, TV habits, reasons users follow brands and more.

Even more, after you receive your badge of completion you are granted access to all of the case studies, research from top brands, and other helpful data to help you wrap your mind around the people and companies that have grown their business through their use of the platform.

4.  Exercises to gauge your comprehension

To ensure you’re understanding the content you’re trekking your way through, Twitter’s Flight School provides check-ins along the way. These are helpful ways of gauging your comprehension and usually provide optional tweets to communicate “your client’s” brand, with one being the more effective and strategic one.

And finally, at the end of each lesson you take a “flight check” (quiz), to prove you’ve mastered that particular skill (planning your content, objective based campaigns, reaching the right people to name a few). Once you answer all questions correctly, you move on to the next lesson.

5.  It’s FREE!

If the above awesomeness hasn’t sold you then the fact that this course is 100% free should reel you in. While some courses can be overly promotional sometimes, this course is a user-friendly experience that won’t cost you anything more than an hour of your time.

Whether you’re someone just getting started on Twitter or an advanced Twitter connoisseur, this course has something that you will can use to maximize your effectiveness on this channel.

So now that you’re done reading, time for action.

Are you ready to take flight?