9.06 out of 10 … We’re thrilled!


To be on our staff at Martin Waymire, you must share and practice our four core values:

  • Continue to learn and grow,
  • Excellence always,
  • Teamwork, and
  • Win with balance.

Probably the most important and effective way to measure whether our agency is delivering on our values is to ask our clients. So every year, we conduct a client satisfaction survey. The purpose is to identify, through our clients’ daily experiences with us, our strengths and weaknesses, where our performance shines, and where we must improve. If we’re not getting the job done, who better than our clients to tell us.

The results of our latest client satisfaction survey is in. The key findings in summary:

  • Our clients rated our overall quality of work at 9.06 out a possible best score of 10. The 9.06 score is slightly improved from our previous client satisfaction survey, but statistically pretty much the same.
  • We received all 9s and 10s in client satisfaction in each category that measures how well we are delivering the individual communications services we offer.

We’re thrilled, of course. We know, with confidence, that our clients are broadly satisfied with our performance.

However, we also learned a couple important areas where we can improve. Because the survey is anonymous, some clients use it as an opportunity to ask for more or fewer meetings, for our staff to pay more attention to a particular issue or work product, to pay closer attention to details, and more. While these conversations also come up organically throughout the year, this survey gives clients an opportunity to be specific and direct. We appreciate that.

Here are some of the written comments we received from our clients:

  • “Your team is amazing, and I love working with them!”
  • “You guys walk on water. Thanks for everything!”
  • “The entire team has helped to meet our needs over the years. The level of professionalism remains top notch.”
  • “The team is creative, prompt, hardworking and thorough.”
  • “I am continually impressed with the professionalism and responsiveness of the Martin Waymire team. From my first interactions to building our continuing professional relationship, the MW team has demonstrated depth of knowledge of the PR field and is quickly learning our organization and market position.”

We love our clients too. Each one is working to make Michigan a better place, and we’re thrilled to be along for the journey.