A Stampede of Social Media Strategy


Social media is a powerful tool. Pair social media with a strategic and content-driven plan, and that power increases exponentially. At Martin Waymire we specialize in communications strategy, and social media strategy is a critical part of that mix. What does social media strategy entail? It’s a lot more than a bunch of X’s and O’s on a piece of paper that look pretty.

Putting our money where our hashtags are

We were recently tasked with helping to promote Potter Park Zoo’s World Rhino Day event, which took place Sept. 22. This was the third year the zoo offered exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of their black rhino exhibit to raise awareness of the highly endangered rhino (visit rhinos.org for more information). In previous years, the zoo failed to sell out tour tickets.

So we took their event:

Paired it with aggressive and strategic (but still fun!) social media strategy over the course of the week leading up to the event:

This year, paired with the above Twitter and Facebook strategy, we were able to sell all but one of their tickets. In addition to the above strategy, we also gained some honorable mentions:

The (RIGHT) Numbers Don’t Lie

Overall, this brought more web traffic to their site, making this (newly created) event page the 11th most viewed page on the zoo’s website in September, with over 400 of those views coming from social media. Metrics are important, but knowing which ones actually matter are even more important.

We’ve already moved on to the next event and it’s off to a decent start!

Social Media + You!

This is one of many examples of strategy the Martin Waymire team can not only draft, but more importantly implement, with winning results. With over 1 billion people on Facebook and 250 million on Twitter, along with other outlets becoming increasingly popular (SnapChat, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and LinkedIn to name a few) it’s not enough to simply push out content on social media. Every word, character, symbol and link could make or break your social media strategy. It’s about knowing the current trends, algorithms, and hashtags (yes, hashtags work!) that will yield optimal results.

Unless you know how to navigate through the weeds and endless links of what works and what doesn’t, you won’t get yourself anywhere. But we can help! Call us and let us win for you.