Vote No on Prop 5


Martin Waymire was retained by VOTE NO on Prop 5, Defend Michigan Democracy to defeat Proposal 5 on the 2012 statewide general election ballot. The proposed constitutional amendment would have required a two-thirds “super majority” vote of the Legislature to raise taxes or close tax loopholes. With initial polling showing Proposal 5 passing with nearly 70% of voters in favor, Martin Waymire knew a strategic, targeted and cost-effective campaign would be required to defeat the billionaire-bankrolled proposal.

By enlisting the help of groups often opposed to each other – Democrats and Republicans, business and labor, and many more — Martin Waymire crafted a campaign that gained the support of every Michigan editorial board; a social media following of more than 8,000 strong; and one of the most diverse coalitions ever formed in the state. Ironically, Proposal 5 was defeated by a better than two-thirds margin of 69%-31%, winning more than 3 million votes (more than any other candidate or proposal on the ballot), despite being outspent more than 2-1 by supporters of the measure.