Celebrating a year of transition


This past year has been a significant one for Martin Waymire, as we transitioned to new ownership, celebrated the retirements of two PR and journalism legends (Kathy Barks Hoffman and Dave Waymire), and continued to make a positive impact through our work with clients, making waves across the nation.

This was the first year Martin Waymire has been under new ownership – a transition that started back in 2020. We greatly appreciate Dave and Roger’s trust in this leadership team and their mentorship throughout the transition. Dave, Roger and Kathy will continue to consult on several client projects in the new year.

But beyond the internal changes, it’s the work we’ve done alongside our clients that truly stands out in 2022 and helped lead us to a record year. From advocating for legislation expanding the scope of practice for nurse anesthetists to improving access to healthcare, our team has made a difference in helping our clients achieve their goals. Here are a few highlights:

Martin Waymire is committed to working with clients that are making a positive difference in Michigan and beyond. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their efforts, and look forward to continuing to make a meaningful impact in the coming year.

Andie Poole, APR

Andie Poole is a strategic marketing communications professional with more than 17 years of experience and a background in the technology sector, higher education, and government relations. Andie serves as a triple threat, bringing to the table a strong writing repertoire, strategic social media and digital marketing expertise, and the ability to lead multiple projects and deliver results.