Connect with Civility at Pundit Summit XVI


As midterm elections approach, it is crucial that Michiganders practice their right to vote. To find information on key dates, registration and accessibility, please visit Michigan Voter Information Center.

In a time with tense political polarization, we believe that Michiganders must find ways to work together towards the common good. We exist at Martin Waymire for the purpose of making our state a better place. And while everyone has their own beliefs, it is vitally important that we seize on opportunities for alignment, civility, and compromise if we are to achieve a better future.

In that vein, Michigan’s Pundit Summit XVI serves as an inclusive post-election analysis that will dive deep into Michigan’s political climate and election outcomes. Along with our partners at Public Sector Consultants, Bridge Michigan, BridgeDetroit, and Michigan Radio, this year’s summit will include commentary and hot takes from Michigan’s policy insiders, advocacy professionals, and media pundits.

The event will take place in-person this year on Thursday, November 10, 2022, from 1 – 4:30 p.m. at The Graduate in East Lansing.

At the core of good public policy are people who can talk with one another, have differing viewpoints, but agree to keep the conversation going. This year’s summit will begin with a look at civility in our political system, followed by discussions analyzing the election results – campaigns, proposals, redistricting and more – then conclude with a panel discussion about healthy disagreements, the future policy landscape, and the power of credible voices.

Join us for this important conversation as we discuss how we can find the best path forward as we work together towards making Michigan a better place. Register at www.punditsummit.com.