Five Tips to Grow Your Instagram Following


Instagram is a powerful tool with growing momentum and if you haven’t joined, you’re missing out on a big, super engaged community to connect yourself with and any brand you represent.

What’s so great about it? Instagram’s engagement rate is 4.21 percent, 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter, according to Forrester. And now mobile internet usage has exceeded PC usage, showing that there is quite a bit of value to the visual mobile app.

1. To grow your personal brand or company, you must create a cohesive visual identity and use strong imagery.
  • Avoid using multiple filters and borders that clutter up your feed.
  • Select one filter/editing technique that works for you and your brand. Stick with it.
  • Look at your Instagram feed as a big picture. How does each image build that big picture?
  • Consider using composition elements such as symmetry, rule of thirds and empty space to add more depth and interest to your images.

A few of my favorite editing tools include Afterlight, Pic Stitch and VSCO. These apps allow you to manipulate the images with editing tools and filters and give you the ability to combine several images.

2. Socialize and listen.

Spend time following similar accounts, liking other user photos and commenting regularly.

3. Build an engaging audience through the use of hashtags.

They will help target your audience. Research relevant hashtags to your brand and incorporate them into each post. Instagram allows a max of 30 hashtags per post.

4. Run a contest.

Contests such as loop giveaways or photo contests help attract new followers. With the use of hashtags, it’s easy to track images for photo contests!

5. Ask followers to follow.

Use your other social media networks to ask followers to join you on Instagram and send reminders every once in a while.

Whether you’re growing your own following or a brand’s, these tips will help you grow a larger and more relevant following. Questions? Email me at akerbuski@martinwaymire.com and follow us at @martin_waymire.