Gives Project Part 3: Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund


Martin Waymire decided to help three non-profit associations as part of our Gives Project 2015. This is the fifth year of the Gives Project and every year we pick organizations that are working to strengthen our community. Martin Waymire is dedicated to making Michigan a better place to work and live, and every organization we selected shares this mission.

Mastering Social Media and Fundraising

One of the groups we chose to help this year is the Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund (ICASF), which is a 501(c)(3). The fund’s goal is to raise enough money through donations and grants to provide food, shelter and care for animals at the Ingham County Animal Shelter; provide funding for investment and enforcement of laws protecting animals; and provide funding for public programs.  ICASF would ultimately like to raise enough money to build a new shelter. Martin Waymire chose ICASF because it was “fur” a good cause – and in addition to all of our staff being avid animal fans, we believe this organization works hard to support programs that help both animals and their owners in Ingham County.

The Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund received a $500 donation from Martin Waymire and also chose to receive a social media training. Senior Account Executive Andie Poole will present a breakdown of the major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and key strategies for growing and engaging with audiences on each platform.

Martin Waymire has worked with clients on several campaigns to drive audiences to take action on different issues, whether it be visiting a website to learn more or making a donation to a cause. Our goal is to help ICASF grow its donation base and develop its brand on social media to let Ingham County residents know about the great programs it offers and its proactive efforts to support pet owners and the animals in our area.

Don’t take Martin Waymire’s Word

“We are a non-profit that formed to help alleviate budget constraints and challenges that Ingham County faces funding the Ingham County Animal Control office. Our mission is to help residents and the four-legged residents of our community through programs and education. In today’s world, it’s challenging to fundraise while informing residents about the great programs we spearhead. We appreciate Martin Waymire’s generosity and the opportunity to participate in the social media training, and are confident it will help improve our social media presence and fundraising efforts,” said Patricia Whitener, secretary to the Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund.

Martin Waymire is looking forward to connecting with ICASF and its board members in the new year to help them navigate the social media landscape and develop a strategy to connect with community members.

Get Up, Get Out and Give

Want to “paws” a minute and give back? Go to the Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund and make a donation or learn more about how you can help here.