Interns in Offices Getting Coffee


The structure of internship programs and the responsibilities entrusted to interns vary from company to company. Most assure you that you’ll do more than just make copies and coffee; some pride themselves on giving interns real work — but not all deliver. Martin Waymire does — and they take it above and beyond. I knew that I would be getting incredible experience here, but I didn’t know how autonomous it would be.

‘Autonomos’ comes from the Greek language meaning “having its own laws” which is a good way to describe being a student practitioner here. There is a perfect balance between structure and freedom.

0 to 100

When I first started here in May, the first week was slow — as it usually is with any new job. I was getting familiar with the clients I would be working with and the different tools used to complete everyday tasks. The second week felt like I dove in headfirst — but I had all the proper tools necessary. They didn’t just throw me in without a lifejacket.

Doing Work That Matters

A lot of my time at Martin Waymire is dedicated to social and digital media, and it’s all part of the plan to help make Michigan a better place. I’ve been able to write several different blog posts for a client’s website that are now being used to educate people about innovations in Michigan’s hospitals. I’ve created newsletters that get sent out to targeted audiences.

Taking the Reins

In August, I started handing all of the social media for one of our clients, Kewadin Casinos. Not just offering ideas for them to be shot down, not just drafting copy for it to get ripped to pieces in the editing process — but actually having a say in the decision making process. I am free to express any ideas whether that means writing real posts to schedule on Facebook or determining how the social budget is spent. Before working with this client, I would have never guessed that I would have a casino in the Upper Peninsulas promotions memorized (Senior Day on Wednesdays, Ladies Night on Fridays, etc.) but that just goes to show how well you get to know the clients you’re working with.

I’ve been able to create work that I can actually see in action. Have mistakes been made along the way? Yes, but never without a learning opportunity afterward.


Yes, I make copies and coffee (but pro tip: if you want to be loved in the office, have coffee ready at all times) but the experience I’m getting at Martin Waymire is beyond what anyone could find in the classroom. They make you feel like a regular employee, trusting you with projects and encouraging you to take the lead.

The auto industry is still figuring out how to perfect the concept of ‘autonomous’ but Martin Waymire has got it down.