Making Michigan a better place, and delivering for our clients


At Martin Waymire, we pride ourselves on upholding four core values – excellence, teamwork, win with balance, and continue to learn and grow. Building on those values, we work hard to deliver on our company passion – shared by all Martin Waymire team members: working with clients who are making Michigan a better place.

We follow our RACE process – Research, Action Plan, Communicate, and Evaluate – when working with clients, looking at press coverage, website traffic, social media engagement and more. And still, the best, most effective way for us to evaluate if we’re delivering on our values is to ask our clients. Every year, we conduct a client satisfaction survey, in which we hope to identify our strengths and weaknesses, where our work shines, and where we must improve.

Coming off of a year with stay-at-home orders, no in-person programming, and a media cycle dominated by the pandemic, both our team and our clients faced challenges unlike any we’ve seen before. That in mind, the results of our latest client satisfaction survey are in. In summary, our clients rated their satisfaction with our work at 9.2 out of a possible best score of 10.

Here are some of the written comments we received from our clients:

  • They’re doing great, especially of late when we’ve had to lean on them quite a bit.
  • Greatly appreciate MW – they are truly extensions of our in-house team – experienced, smart and a joy to work with.
  • The MW team has been responsive to our needs, timely with the PR products, and helpful in sharing insights on how to make the best of our project.
  • Work is always exceptional, and the level of communication provided is terrific.
  • Cannot say enough about the firm and folks there. Love working with the team.

We love our clients, and are incredibly proud of the work we did in 2020. In the face of a pandemic, we:

After a particularly challenging year, our clients’ confidence in the Martin Waymire team truly means everything to us. Each one is working to make Michigan a better place, and we’re thrilled to be along for the adventure.