Martin Waymire wins Silver Anvil for Michigan EITC expansion campaign


We’re thrilled to announce that Martin Waymire has won the nation’s top award for public relations excellence, the Silver Anvil, at a ceremony Thursday night in New York City. This is the sixth Silver Anvil won by Martin Waymire team members and our third in the past five years.

We were recognized by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) for our work with the Michigan EITC Coalition to expand the state’s earned income tax credit (EITC) to a 30% match of the federal credit, alongside our clients Michigan Future, Inc., the Michigan League for Public Policy and the Michigan Consensus Policy Project.

Four Martin Waymire employees holding Silver Anvil trophy sitting at tableFour Martin Waymire employees holding Silver Anvil trophy standing in front of PRSA backdrop

The EITC provides a tax credit to low-income working households to help make ends meet, covering costs like childcare, school supplies, gas and auto repairs, and home necessities. In 2006, Michigan implemented a state match of the federal EITC to 20% of the federal credit. But in 2011, Michigan’s EITC match was slashed to 6% in a series of severe budget cuts that year.

In 2022, Martin Waymire developed a strategic advocacy campaign that brought together a diverse, bipartisan coalition of nonprofits, business groups, religious and health organizations, and other stakeholders. The coalition’s earned media efforts resulted in more than 3,000 Michigan media stories mentioning the EITC in 2023, a 617% increase from two years prior.

Reimbursement checks for the 2022 tax year were issued earlier this year, totaling an estimated $385 million in additional support for Michigan’s working families thanks to the expanded EITC.

We’re so proud of the role we played to help bring together this broad coalition of more than 230 leaders to support Michigan’s working families. This tax credit has long been embraced by legislators from both parties as a powerful tool to help lift families up and out of poverty. It had been cut more than a decade ago, and its restoration was often left on the back burner in the state legislature. With a steady drumbeat of messages in support of helping Michigan’s working families, our coalition created the public pressure that was needed to make this a top priority for lawmakers.

To receive national recognition is an honor, but more importantly, it’s an indication of our success in driving meaningful, tangible change through our work.

Learn more about this campaign here.

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