Prioritizing LinkedIn in 2024


The start of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate and reflect on your social media strategy. How has your content been performing? Are you reaching your audience where they’re at? Are you on the right platforms for your brand or organization?

A social media strategy should be data-driven and rooted in numbers and regular evaluation. Our team is constantly pulling reports and checking in on the performance of the social media content and campaigns we’re running for our clients.

As I was pulling monthly reports for a client in 2023, I started to notice that our content on LinkedIn was performing well, and outperforming the content on Facebook and X (Twitter). I kept a close eye on the numbers and was consistently seeing growth in followers, strong engagement on posts through likes, comments and shares, and link clicks going to the client’s website.

We had traditionally focused our paid social media efforts for this client on Facebook, but we ran a couple of trials shifting ad spend to LinkedIn with great results. Even with a small budget, $200 here and there, we were seeing a good return on investment, achieving a higher-than-average click-through rate and high engagement.

LinkedIn has seen significant growth over the past two years. As of June 2023, LinkedIn had more than 930 million users across 200+ countries and territories worldwide, according to the company’s official statistics. Compared to 2022, when the platform had about 870 million members, LinkedIn has added about 60 million new members within a year.

Here’s how you should consider strategically investing in LinkedIn in 2024:

Thought Leadership Opportunities

As earned media opportunities like opinion editorials continue to wane, it’s more important than ever to think of creative ways to maximize your content through owned media.

Traditionally, this has looked like maintaining a blog on your website, and today, blogs and newsletters are having a resurgence. While there’s no shortage of options, LinkedIn can be a convenient and powerful tool for thought leadership. LinkedIn’s newer “articles” feature allows for longer form writing and lends itself well to opportunities for clients to share their opinions and position themselves as thought leaders. The content is easily shared to LinkedIn and other social media platforms, and can become a place for the consistent sharing of ideas. As an added bonus, you can easily put money behind a LinkedIn article to get more of the right eyeballs reading your content.

LinkedIn Advertising

Another client wanted to jumpstart their LinkedIn presence from scratch, and our team worked to establish their page with a strong description, cover image and initial content strategy. From there, we created a paid follower campaign where we targeted individuals in their industry and encouraged people to follow the page. The campaign was set for two months with a small budget, and in that time, we saw LinkedIn audience growth of almost 900%.

Originally, the client didn’t necessarily know what to expect with their LinkedIn account but knew that they wanted to keep up with where industry partners were heading with social media. By reallocating a small portion of their advertising budget to LinkedIn, they’ve seen immense growth and engagement in a short period of time.

Community and Partner Engagement

I’m consistently impressed by the engagement I see on our client’s LinkedIn posts. One of my clients has a large board of directors, and when we tag board members or staff members in posts about them on LinkedIn, we see expanded reach and strong engagement every time. Recently, a client announced their new board chairman, and the post received nearly 500 likes and reactions, close to 80 congratulatory comments, and 12 reposts, garnering over 13,000 views over the course of a month with no paid promotion.

Taking the time to engage with your partners and stakeholders on social media is always important, but it can be especially productive on LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to start conversations through your personal account or engage with questions and comments on your organization’s page, putting in the time and effort to manage your community can have powerful results and strengthen your brand identity.

One way to get more eyeballs on your content is to ensure you’re tagging the organizations and individuals you mention in your LinkedIn posts. Like Facebook, when you tag an individual, the post will show up on the feeds of their networks, expanding the reach of your original post. Organizations that you tag are likely to engage with the content, and might even share it with their followers as well. A share of your content is great free advertising!

After an impressive 2023 for clients on LinkedIn, our team is prioritizing the platform this year, both personally and for our clients. Not sure where to start, or need extra support? We’re here to help!

Hannah Lupi

As a public relations & communications manager, Hannah leads digital and social media efforts for a variety of clients, and manages tactical, strategic campaigns, focusing on the planning and execution of long-term digital strategy, content creation and graphic design, community development and engagement, and reporting on and evaluation of performance.