Student Practitioner Highlight: Part 2


Along with providing excellent public relations and marketing services to our clients, Martin Waymire is dedicated to engaging and preparing future professionals. Student practitioners (a Martin Waymire internship) who join our team gain valuable experience in working directly with clients on client teams and receive mentorship and education from experts across the agency. 

To celebrate #NationalInternMonth, we’re looking back at previous (part two of two) student practitioners’ highlights during their time at Martin Waymire!

“I knew immediately from my time at MW that a smaller shop was the best option for me so I could really feel like my work was making an impact.”

Carly Schiff, Partner, Digital Account Director, Brogan & Partners
2009 student practitioner 

“At Martin Waymire, I was pushed out of my comfort zone to lead client projects and campaigns. The team trusted me with a unique level of independence that I would argue is often not provided in an internship role.”

Sydney Naseef, Senior Associate, Spark Foundry
2019 student practitioner

“Being a student practitioner at MW gave me the opportunity to diversify my skill set beyond what I was learning in the classroom making me a more competitive candidate when applying for my first full-time position.”

Katie Bylin, Social Media Manager, Michigan State University
2017 student practitioner

“I especially think it helped me hone into my interpersonal skills because I had to work with different personalities, all the time.”

Nichole Igwe, Combat Medic in the United States Army, Department of Defense
2016 student practitioner

“I learned how important attention to detail is, and the importance that a good writer can have on a team. Beyond the PR skills, I also used teamwork in my new roles.”

Katie Kalass, Studio Assistant, CrossCheck Studios
2019 student practitioner