Thankful For Our Team, Friends And Clients


It’s that time again when the Martin Waymire team starts reflecting on what the past year has brought us and everything that has us feeling thankful. As a company that focuses on supporting clients that are working to make Michigan a better place, there are no shortage of examples.

We have the honor and privilege to work on issues ranging from helping increase childhood immunization rates and keeping people safe from COVID, to showcasing the brilliant research happening at our state universities, supporting criminal and environmental justice issues, and highlighting the creative placemaking happening in Michigan communities – just to name a few. Our work touches nearly every corner of the state, and we cannot possibly express the level of appreciation we have for our clients who put their trust in us to help them achieve their goals. This is what makes even the hardest days and the late nights worthwhile.

Knowing that we’re doing important work for great clients is just one part of the thankfulness equation. Martin Waymire would not be able to help our clients make Michigan a better place without having the best team in the business. That’s a cliché that most every company says about their team, but in our case we mean it in every sense of the word.

Not only do we get to work with brilliant strategists and writers, creative thinkers, and digitally savvy marketers, we get to work with genuinely good and fun-loving people. During the day we are teammates who always push each other toward excellence. On the evenings and weekends we are friends and confidants who truly enjoy each other’s company. Not every organization can be so lucky.

We would be remiss is we didn’t also give a shoutout to the organizations that help us and our clients reach new heights. We would not be able to help our clients meet their goals without the support of the many research firms, web developers, DREI experts and other dynamic partners helping to execute the communications campaigns we develop. There are also organizations like the Public Relations Society of America, and the Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing chambers of commerce that offer the continued education and networking that is so vital to our team.

As an organization founded by former journalists, we also must give one final mention to the reporters and editors out there who are doing the – mostly thankless – work to keep our communities informed. We recognize that without their diligent and tireless reporting we would be much worse off as a state and society. Aside from that, our clients would also have fewer opportunities to tell their stories if it were not for their efforts!

So while the Martin Waymire team enjoys some hard earned time off this holiday weekend (and we hope you do too), we just want to say once again: Thank you to our friends, families, clients and everyone who shares our passion of making Michigan a better state!

Photo by McShane Photography