The magic’s in the measurement


Raise your hand if living in a world where you could work toward your goals distraction-free sounds appealing?

We just imagined your hand shooting into the air involuntarily in front of your screen.

Many of you are just like the staff here at Martin Waymire — working professionals juggling careers, families and anything in-between. So how frustrating is it to spend time and effort on projects that seem successful but, at the end of the day, get you no closer to achieving your goals?

We’re imagining many more hands in the air.

This is the dilemma often facing public relations practitioners — the never ending battle to provide excellence amongst a sea of distracting metrics that seem attractive but instead hold us back.

The fork-in-the-road often separating the great work from “sexy” work is measurement. If you’re not looking at the right numbers, or if you’re not tying your efforts back to your company’s or client’s goals and objectives, you aren’t spending your time wisely.

Does a viral video seem great? It may sound perfect, but really virality is just a side effect in achieving your goals. Also, why would you want a metaphor to take credit in your messaging that was carefully researched, tested, timed and executed? It’s like saying the only reason you received a promotion was due to a raffle or that your name ended in “L,” rather than earning it through hard work.

No, instead the magic lies in the measurement.

Here are three things we do at Martin Waymire to ensure our work is measurable:

1. Map out your measurable goals

If you don’t set your goals before you start, how can you measure them? Even if you don’t have the best benchmarks to work from you can still find something to provide a framework. Once you have your goals, write them down and let them drive all future efforts.

2. Choose metrics that matter

Determine what a successful campaign will look like by being smart about how you’ll evaluate success.

Aiming for a 25 percent increase in impressions? That’s fine, but only if they tie back to your goal. Do these impressions serve as leads to your goal of increased sales? Great! Are these impressions simply for show? No good, try again.

Let metrics that matter guide your efforts, and you’ll be rewarded with success.

3. Smart integration is key

Never operate a Facebook page because all the cool kids are doing it. You’ll again be wasting your time. Instead, operate a Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel as spokes in the wheel of your spinning campaign.

Your goals should guide every Facebook post, tweet, brochure and radio spot to ensure they tie back to one of your goals or objectives.

All in all, it’s clear why the magic really is in the measurement. It’s why we prioritize evaluation at Martin Waymire through our proven process of winning for our clients.

And while that Utopian society where we live 100% distraction-free is probably unrealistic today, we can always increase our awareness of what will make a difference. Prioritizing metrics that matter will lead us to successful campaigns just as prioritizing those “technology free” meals at home will lead us to happier lives. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Your hand is in the air again, isn’t it?