Tweet with character. But not all 280 characters


This month, Twitter said farewell to its flagship feature: 140-character Tweets.

That’s right. Like a sympathetic bartender, the social media platform listened to customers’ problems (it wasn’t easy enough to Tweet) and said “I’ll make it a double.” Now, users have 280 characters to express themselves, on the house.

This change comes after Twitter discovered 9 percent of Tweets in English hit the character limit – a UX challenge that could help explain why Twitter has 330 million active users, dwarfed by more than 2 billion users on Facebook.

With 280 characters available, Twitter found that 1 percent of Tweets hit the limit.

So, problem solved? I took to the internet for insight.

How has the internet responded?

Mixed feelings. These two aren’t fans. Based on Retweets and Likes, neither are their fans.