Potter Park Zoo

World Rhino Day

Goal: Use social media to sell out tickets for the World Rhino Day tours and generate awareness of the critical endangerment of the black rhino.


The Potter Park Zoo hosts a World Rhino Event offering behind-the-scenes tours of the black rhino exhibit to raise awareness about the endangered species – and raise funds for the zoo. In the past, the Zoo had struggled sell out the event. We wanted to change that using smart social media promotion.

MW conducted comprehensive research into social media trends to increase the reach of Potter Park Zoo’s social media. We determined the International Rhino Foundation was very interactive on its Twitter and Facebook, with a sizable audience. We know that posts with photos increase engagement. We put the two together…for success!

Action Plan & Communication Overview:

MW built an aggressive, strategic, and fun social media campaign across Facebook and Twitter that paired the event information with findings from our research. The campaign targeted posts at the International Rhino Foundation and its audience and used photos to further engagement.

To reach more people in the Lansing area, we paired their event information with aggressive, strategic and fun social media strategy across Facebook and Twitter. In the end, we were able to sell all but one ticket and earned recognition from the International Rhino Association.


The targeted posts to the International Rhino Foundation led to retweets, favorites, and shares, meeting Potter Park Zoo’s goal of raising black rhino awareness. The strategic photo posts led to over 430 clicks to the website, with over 400 of those coming from social media. Ultimately, event tickets sold out, meeting Potter Park Zoo’s other goal.

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