With a keen eye on public policy issues and the political landscape at all times, our team is uniquely positioned to support strategic ballot campaigns, and has received national recognition for our successes. At Martin Waymire, we have worked on some of the most successful and well-known ballot initiatives in Michigan, with four out of our five Silver Anvils being won for our ballot campaign work. Silver Anvils are the top public relations award in the nation.

Winning in Lansing is not only what you know but who you know. There are countless tasks that need to be completed before your ballot initiative even gets off the ground. This includes developing a legal team and drafting ballot language, conducting opinion polling, identifying a petition collection strategy, building a website, establishing a social media presence, engaging stakeholder communities and finding allies. Our extensive network of fundraisers and diverse set of business and political relationships are always only an email or call away, and our team has decades of success fighting for – and sometimes opposing – grassroots initiatives across the state. 

On behalf of our clients, with our ballot initiative strategies we’ve successfully passed school bond proposals and local millages, defended public dollars and Michigan’s constitution, and most recently, redrawn the most gerrymandered legislative districts in our nation. Our passion at Martin Waymire is making Michigan a better place — and that fully extends to ballot initiatives presented to Michigan voters. Where other ballot initiatives use tactics to garner support while hiding the real impact of a proposal, we believe that voters should be given accurate facts to make an informed decision. 

We are a non-partisan firm that works on both sides of the aisle and with groups often opposed to each other to form broad coalitions, build earned media and editorial board support, and rally online and on-the-ground volunteers for the initiatives we work on. As a result, we’ve coordinated some of the most diverse and comprehensive coalitions and community partnerships, achieving the goal our clients hired us for: to win.