Located in the heart of Lansing — the capital of Michigan — we know a lot about the communities across our state and throughout the Midwest. It is our firm belief that one of the most powerful tools for success is a thoughtful and deliberate community relations listening and outreach process within those communities. 

The team at Martin Waymire knows that the most successful communications strategies are ones grounded in a clear understanding of key audiences and their needs. To gain this insight, we start with research, polling, social listening and media monitoring on your issues and organization within communities to build a framework for your public relations outreach. 

Using this research, we call upon our collective network of statewide associations, their members, advocates, major employers, businesses, community partners, and opinion leaders to support your goals and messages. Calling upon those grasstops partners and employing grassroots marketing tactics at the local level, we creatively work to build relationships and trust within communities to meet our clients’ objectives. 

As a result, we are proud to be a community relations firm that works alongside organizations who are striving to make Michigan a better place, and we have the results to prove it. Whether we are putting together an award-winning community relations campaign on a shoestring budget or connecting with thought leaders and community partners across the state or nation to amplify your message, our team has the skills, connections and passion needed to push your agenda forward. 

Martin Waymire employees are also proud members of the communities they live, work and play in. Our team is active in their own communities and understands the important role each of us plays in making our communities safer, healthier and stronger for future generations. We value people who balance their work, family and personal lives, contributing as a whole to the communities we call home. The makeup of our team allows us to be the most effective community relations agency in Michigan.