While Martin Waymire has a foundation in traditional public relations, our expertise as a digital marketing agency has won national recognition and praise from clients across Michigan. Like any good communications tactic, we believe that digital marketing can be a powerful tool for meeting your business or organizational objectives when structured strategically. 

Digital marketing is more than simply placing advertisements or sponsored content in online publications or on platforms with a wide reach. Your team at Martin Waymire will work with you to identify the platforms and digital opportunities that give you the best advantage in reaching your target audiences and communications goals. 

As social media continues to grow and expand, so does the ability for people to consume content outside of traditional social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Our team stays current on emerging digital technologies, including advocacy communication platforms, social listening tools, and more. 

Martin Waymire team members specialize in content marketing, native advertising, email marketing, digital advertising, audio and video streaming, and more. Compared to large traditional advertising buys, digital marketing is cost efficient, personable and measurable. As part of our counsel to you, your Martin Waymire team will leverage digital media marketing to provide creative opportunities and an ability to directly interact with your audiences like never before. 

Once we begin a campaign, we also continually optimize content to ensure we achieve the best results possible for our clients. As your digital marketing firm partners in success, we deliver results throughout your entire campaign to maximize your ability to achieve your goals. 

With the right tools and talent, digital marketing provides you with the ability to measure campaign results and their impact on your organizational goals in real time. With the volume of digital platforms and tools available today, our expertise in this space  ensures we can quickly and effectively stand up a digital marketing campaign to complement your other communications strategies.