Martin Waymire is passionate about what you do and is ready to bring awareness to your issues. When you get paired with your Martin Waymire client team, know that every individual you work with is as interested in your industry as you are. 

As we face a country more divided than ever, our team is dedicated to looking at your issue on all sides, giving you the best guidance and strategy for raising awareness among your key audiences and motivating them to take a specific action. As a leading issue advocacy firm, our work is an important complement to your lobbying and policy efforts, but we are not lobbyists. We work alongside your government relations and policy professionals to develop and execute  an advocacy campaign designed to raise the profile on your issue, build support for your goals and minimize the effectiveness of opposition voices so that your organization can affect change. In the 24/7 world of news cycles and social media, having an awareness campaign working in tandem with direct lobbying efforts is key to your success. 

Martin Waymire bases all of our work on research and polling, then implements strategies that employ a mix of earned and digital media, stakeholders relations, paid advertising and grassroots support to meet your goals. We work with the top researchers, advertising minds, and thought leaders that Michigan has to offer. As a non-partisan agency, we also have strong political connections on both sides of the aisle, helping to inform and deliver messages and tactics to ensure that your advocacy is as effective as possible. 

With our clients, Martin Waymire’s team is proud to have helped lead efforts to expand Medicaid in Michigan, increase vaccination rates with childhood vaccines and the COVID-19 vaccines, legalize marijuana for recreational use, advocate for increased road and university funding, support our healthcare workers, change tax credits and more. When you work with Martin Waymire, you work with a team that invests in understanding your issue fully, and creatively finds ways to educate and inform audiences so that you meet your issue advocacy goals.