Martin Waymire has the unique distinction of being founded by journalists — something few public relations agencies in Michigan or nationally can claim. This foundation has laid the groundwork for a team that truly understands and respects the role of a media relations agency in any successful public relations campaign. 

Our founders, Roger Martin and David Waymire, along with Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame inductee Kathy Barks Hoffman, have built a culture of journalistic respect, work ethic, and integrity into the team at Martin Waymire. The hard work that we put in every day has led us to deliver consistent media coverage across all channels for our clients in new and creative ways, as the media landscape continues to evolve.

Our media relations team is always one step ahead of breaking news, and we are ready to quickly mobilize to truly understand an issue and pitch a story to our extensive list of media outlets and contacts across the Midwest and nation. The press knows us and likes us. They trust our instincts and ability to know when a story is newsworthy. Conversely, our clients trust that our guidance will not steer them astray and instead, deliver the results they need. 

Where other agencies stop at the reach and estimated advertising value of their media relations outreach, we take our measurement a step further. We work to make sure that not only were our clients included in the story, but that their key messages and organizational goals are being met by the outlets we secure interviews in and the audiences they reach. Earned media is powerful not because of the impressive reach it achieves — and it still does achieve impressive results — but because of the validation it provides to consumers. Having your voice included in news articles and in-depth issue coverage is essential to building your reputation, gaining audience trust, and ultimately, achieving your goals and objectives. As a strong media relations firm, Martin Waymire is expertly positioned to execute on this.