Martin Waymire is full of gifted and award-winning writers and creative minds. While we understand the importance and impact of the words we choose, we also understand that actions often speak louder than words alone. A company’s reputation is the sum of all its actions, not just the words it says, and when you need reputation management support, we know just how to help. 

Reputation matters. It’s the measure by which your key audiences assess influence and social standing. Proactively and strategically building and managing your reputation is essential for your organization to survive. And while it may take years to build, it can be easily ruined in minutes with a single errant tweet or misguided comment in the media. In any situation where your reputation is at stake we will present you with a comprehensive strategy to combat the problem and assure future success. We have the experience as one of the leading reputation management firms in Michigan. 

Reputation is directly tied to trust. As PR practitioners with a commitment to ethics, we will always lead with transparency, honesty, accuracy and fairness — principles to help you build a solid foundation for growing, maintaining or regaining the trust of your audiences. Martin Waymire even puts our commitment to ethics in our industry to the ultimate test: the accreditation process for public relations practitioners. We have multiple team members who have received their accreditation in public relations (APR) — the industry standard for being ethical and strategic PR professionals, with a renewal process designed to keep our team sharp and committed. Earning an APR requires months of study and research and leans on the years of real-world experience each practitioner is expected to have.

Martin Waymire provides reputation management and brand perception strategy for a variety of our clients with an overall goal of maintaining positive perception with your key audiences. This means managing complex and controversial issues and providing honest, strategic guidance to organizations building their reputation or responding to a damaged public image. Corporations, associations, coalitions, universities and government agencies have turned to us as a leading reputation management agency to identify research-based messages that resonate with audiences, coordinate coalitions, and employ earned, paid, traditional and social media to build or regain trust.