Our work at Martin Waymire does not end at the words we write or stories we tell. It also extends to the hands-on special events we coordinate, and the attention they generate. Within our team, you’ll find a collection of professionals willing to roll up their sleeves, coordinate logistics, set and adhere to timelines and budgets, and ensure your success. 

Events have the potential to garner attention and disseminate information, or waste time and detract from goals. When executed well, your core objectives can benefit from events strategically designed for maximum exposure and by providing opportunities for action. 

Central to the success of any meeting, briefing, ceremony, or conference is an acute respect for time and detail. Martin Waymire not only understands the importance of these, but lives these values in our organization. We value and employ team members who are respectful of schedules, able to meet deadlines, and have an exceptional attention to detail. We approach special events planning through the same process we use for all of our work: thorough research, comprehensive planning, effective execution and objective evaluation. We work with your organization to identify your goals, then manage the logistics, planning and execution. Our team serves as an extension of your team by implementing your goals and ensuring a smooth event, so that you can focus on participating in the activities and connecting with your core audiences.

At Martin Waymire, we know that any successful event – whether in person or virtual – is dependent on the skills of the team coordinating it. Special events planning takes tact, good negotiation skills, flexibility and endurance. Our team has the foresight to plan and execute a thorough and successful event, and is nimble enough to pivot on a dime. 

Whether you need a last-minute virtual press briefing, a rally hosted on the Capitol steps, or a multiple-session professional development series, the team at Martin Waymire has the technological and logistical expertise to make sure your event succeeds.