Who We Are

At Martin Waymire, you’ll find a team of smart, connected and passionate people, creating the hardest-working – and most fun – public relations team in Michigan.

Our passion is making Michigan a better place, which is why we love working with clients at the intersection of public relations and public policy.

Our Core Values


We give our clients excellence in our strategies, tactics and execution – nothing less. Our work speaks for itself: we’ve won state and even national public relations awards, including five Silver Anvil Awards, the nation’s top award for public relations excellence.


We work as a team. If we can help a colleague, we do. We win and lose together. We are loyal to each other and our clients. By playing to each other’s strengths, we achieve greatness together.


It takes hard work and long hours to win. But we like to have fun, too. We balance our commitment to win with time for our families and expanding our personal horizons.


The communications world changes fast. Our team is never satisfied with where we are today. We share knowledge internally, and provide the time and funding to help our team improve skills, abilities, and confidence – all to help our clients.

Equity Imperitive

Martin Waymire Racial Equity Imperative

At Martin Waymire, our driving passion is to help make Michigan a better place – a goal that will remain unreachable as long as Black, Indigenous and People of Color face institutional racism, violence and inequitable opportunities.

Although our journey remains a long one, with many more changes yet to come, we are committed to making diversity, racial equity and inclusion a permanent part of our culture.